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Crystals offer a unique defense against negative energies. They can help ward off toxic people and their harmful thoughts, such as jealousy and anger, which can leave you feeling weighed down and unsettled. In stressful environments, crystals can act as a shield against negative attitudes and short tempers. Additionally, they can provide protection in more esoteric situations, such as astral travel, by blocking malevolent spirits and preventing psychic attacks. Protect your space with the right crystals and keep your aura safe.

Get ready to spot some pretty badass crystals - they're all about protection and tend to rock a darker vibe. This colours no accident - they're super skilled at soaking up bad vibes and keeping them at bay, all while rooting you to the ground through your root chakra.

BLACK TOURMALINE - An all-purpose stone that fiercely guards your space and is an essential addition to your collection. It has the incredible ability to transform negative energy into positive, creating a powerful barrier against bad vibes from others. By activating your root chakra and grounding you to the earth, it not only shields you from ill-wishes and negative attitudes, but also purifies your surroundings. Trust us, this is a must-have for your spiritual toolkit!

BLACK OBSIDIAN - This enchanting crystal not only provides powerful protection, but also attracts good luck and wards off evil. A must-have for all white witches, it can easily deflect any dark magic and negative energy. Perfect for empaths, it helps shield against toxic people and unwanted emotions. Don't let negative energy drain you, let black obsidian work its magic!

SMOKY QUARTZ - This rock transforms endless bad vibes and is a must-have for spiritual or psychic defence. It can blow away negative vibes, created by feelings like rage and grudges, before bringing them back down to earth. While smoky quartz has a mellow vibe, it's a tough and tenacious guard stone. So if you're a psychic or put on shindigs for your tribe, it'll shield you from harmful energies in the spirit world. Smoky quartz is also one of the top crystals for protection against radiation and electromagnetic smog.

AMETHYST - A spiritual powerhouse, amethyst offers protection against psychic attack and negativity. With a high vibration, it transforms negative energy into positive, making it a powerful source of protection. The ancients prized amethyst for its ability to break free from toxic relationships and promote inner peace and resilience, even providing safety from thieves while on the road.

FLUORITE - This stone's purpose is total protection. Whether you're dealing with uninvited external forces, bad habits, or pressure, fluorite's got you. Plus, it's a pro at blocking out other people's moods. This crystal healer can also shroud your energy field (and keep you safe from magical and mental assaults).

HEMATITE - This stone is not your average protector. It doesn't just absorb negative energy, it also creates a reflective shield that bounces it right back to the sender. Plus, its high iron content makes it super strong for grounding. It's perfect for anyone who's a bit impulsive, unfocused, or easily distracted - especially when dealing with toxic people and their bad vibes.

KYANITE (OPTIONAL) - For those dealing with unpleasant situations like bullying or manipulation, this healing crystal is a must-have. Linked to the throat and third eye chakras, it can provide clarity and courage in confronting hurtful behavior. Not to mention, it's always clean and clear of negative energies or vibrations.

LABRADORITE - The vibes this rock gives off can also defend your vibe against haters and bad vibes, keeping you safe from any funky energy that tries to bring you down. If you need to protect yourself from negativity and the unwanted attention of others, like green-eyed monsters or crazy obsessors, use labradorite to bounce it away from you.



A gemstone is a valuable mineral or crystal that has been cut and polished.


PLEASE NOTE; Some crystals pictured are just for illustrative purposes.
STYLE & SIZE (approx)
These rocks have been treated by hand and/or machine.
RAW 25g-70g
These stones are exactly as discovered in nature. The energies of both stones can shift from people handling them, either through machine or natural sourcing.

Care Instructions

'Note: Before allowing crystals to work their magic, always get the go-ahead from your physician. Crystal therapy shouldn't take the place of professional medical advice, care, or prescriptions. The healing stones work best when complementing regular physical care.'

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