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Crystals can provide spiritual protection in many ways. A good example is the negative thoughts of toxic people in your life. Emotions such as jealousy and anger can leave you feeling heavy, drained and unsettled. Without spiritual protection, these energies can be difficult to shake. Stressful environments can have a similar effect. People can have short tempers and poor attitudes in spaces around you. Certain crystal protection can provide a shield from these thoughts. Healing crystals can also protect in a more esoteric environment. When astral travelling, some stones stop male violence spirits and spirit attachments. The right crystals can also protect your aura and prevent a psychic attack.

You'll notice that many crystals for protection are dark or black. This is because they are the most powerful at absorbing or deflecting negative energy, while grounding through the root chakra.

BLACK TOURMALINE - This is a powerful all round stone for protection and is a must have for your collection. It's probably the best crystal for repelling lower energies and frequencies, or for encouraging a more positive emotional attitude. The reason black tourmaline is so effective, is because it transmits negative energy into positive. This acts like a metaphysical force field around you, to keep other peoples bad thoughts and feelings away. By activating the connection between the root chakra and earth, it also protects you from ill-wishers and negative attitudes, both cleansing stagnant energy in your environment.

BLACK OBSIDIAN - This is a formidable healing stone for protection. This stone is favoured by white witches to protect and return sorcery, ill-fortune and curses. Additionally, black obsidian is great for empaths. If you need to shield yourself from negative people in your life, are being bullied, or sense unwanted emotions from others, black obsidian will cut the ties from this draining energy.

SMOKY QUARTZ - This stone transmits unlimited negative energy and is a must-have for spiritual or psychic protection. It can dissolve negative energy fields, caused by thoughts such as anger and resentment, before grounding them back to earth. While smoky quartz has a gentle essence, it's a powerful and persistent protective stone. So if you're a clairvoyant or perform tribal ceremonies, it will provide protection from detrimental forces in the ethereal realm. Smoky quartz is also one of the best crystals for protection to shield against radiation and electromagnet smog.

AMETHYST - As one of the most spiritual stones, amethysts high vibration will protect your energy field against psychic attack and negativity. It's another powerful protection stone but, due to its high vibration, it also has the wonderful attribute of transmitting negative energy into positive. The ancients used amethyst to break from addictive relationships, encouraging peace of mind and inner strength. It was also used to provide protection against thieves when travelling.

FLUORITE - This stones essence is purely protective. So if you're struggling with unwanted outside influences, negative behaviour patterns or stress, fluorite will help. It's also great for guarding against other peoples attitudes. This healing crystal can also cloak your aura, which hides you from sorcery and psychic attack.

HEMATITE - This stone doesn't work like other stones for protection. Instead of just absorbing lower frequency energy, it also creates a protective shield around the body that reflects negative energies back to the sender. In addition, the high iron content makes it one of the strongest stones for grounding. It is also good if you are a little impulsive, lack focus or are easily distracted, particularly in response to other peoples poor attitudes or unpleasant comments.

KYANITE (OPTIONAL) - Amongst the most effective healing crystal for protection if you're suffering from any type of bullying or manipulation. Due to its affiliation with the throat and third eye chakra, it can be a real asset when struggling to understand unkind or cruel behaviours. It will give you the strength to speak honestly whilst boosting your self-confidence, which helps calm your emotions and responses. This crystal for protection also never needs cleansing, as it doesn't accumulate or hold negative energies or vibrations.

LABRADORITE - The phenomenal energy this crystal exhibits can also shield your aura against psychic attacks and ill-wishing, ensuring your aura stays intact and clear from unwanted influences. If you need protection from negative energy and unwanted attention from other people, such as jealousy or obsessions, use labradorite to deflect it from you.



A gemstone is a valuable mineral or crystal that has been cut and polished.


PLEASE NOTE; Some crystals are used for illustration purposes only.
10-25g approx
These stones have been processed by hand &/or machine.
25g-70g approx
These stones are pretty much as they have been found in the earth. The difference in energies between both stones is altered due to handling, whether it be by machine, or from being naturally sourced.

Care Instructions

'It is very important to note that before using, touching or interacting with any crystals or crystal remedies, you should always consult your doctor. Crystal therapy is not a replacement for medical advice, practices or prescriptions. Crystals work in tandem with physical care.'

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