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All of these stones & crystals together, combine a powerful enhancer to fertility, and will ensure that confidence, body and mind are all synchronised and at their strongest to aid with conception.

Healing crystals emit delicate energy that boosts your vitality, and eventually, your fertility. Crystals used for fertility have their own frequency, dependent on the element arrangement within their chemical composition. Every element vibrates at a particular frequency and subtle healing energy is released by this vibration. The energies emitted by crystals, rely on the special way their components vibrate in the inner crystalline structure. It is known that when crystals are held close to the body, the human electromagnetic field changes. While healing occurs, crystals absorb the body's negative energies and release positive energy that the body absorbs throughout the healing process, producing energy-level equilibrium.

CARNELIAN - known as the stone of creativity, inspiration, endurance, leadership, and bravery, carnelian is the usual go-to crystal for fertility. It is one of the most common fertility crystals that promote fertility, energy and encourage sexuality. Carnelian resonates with the sacral chakra, which is the male and female reproductive organs' energy centre and can dissolve energetic obstructions. The uterus, ovaries, vagina, fallopian tubes, cervix, testicles and prostate are also stimulated by this fertility crystal. Carnelian also triggers the coiled kundalini energy at the base of the spine. While maintaining equilibrium in the reproductive regions, this essential life force will help support the reproductive and hormonal systems. When you want to conceive, carnelian being a stone of creativity, is the ideal stone. It will increase your confidence while boosting your sexual drive, facilitating spontaneous lovemaking. You may carry carnelian, but to maximise its effects, hold it close to the sacral chakra and the reproductive region.

MOONSTONE - If you want to become pregnant, moonstone, which is known as the stone of new beginnings, is one of your best choices. Being referred to as the woman’s healing stone, it aligns with the moon's feminine energy and represents emotional stability and gentleness. It is also said to balance women's cycles, hormones and metabolism, thereby helping you to get pregnant. Moonstone could be a great option if you want to control your cycles, reduce stress and become more fertile. Set your goal of fertility on a full moon while holding moonstone. You can also wear it as a necklace or keep it all night under your pillow.

CHRYSOPRASE - Balancing the energy of yin-yang, is very important when you want to conceive, and chrysoprase can help you achieve that. This crystal will enhance sexual power and improve fertility. It is also perfect for those who suffer from depression or those who become self-absorbed. It energises the sacred chakras and the heart. Chrysoprase will offer emotional health and calmness if you need assistance in feeling more positive or when you are torturing yourself with self-blame. To light up your love life, bring a piece of chrysoprase in your pocket along with a carnelian.

ROSE QUARTZ - Known as the stone of unconditional love, rose quartz is an essential stone for fertility, as it is perfect for opening your heart core. This stone endows you with the self-love and self-worth attributes, that are important when you are thinking of getting pregnant. Rose quartz crystals for fertility also relieve feelings of guilt or tension, that may arise if you do not conceive as soon as you would like. In addition, rose quartz fertility crystals promote sexual vitality and sensuality, providing you with the virtues of self-mothering. Position the rose quartz next to your bed and under your mattress, so you can take advantage of it all night long.

JADE - Regarded as harmony's lucky charm and protector. As you try to conceive, things can get a little crazy and stressful. The energy that jade nurtures, helps to bring back balance and love through releasing pent-up feelings that can create an energy barrier. The outcome is that jade can make you feel less anxious, more confident and enjoy the process in general. It is also believed to be good for rebuilding the pelvis region, providing the organs with better blood circulation and more oxygen. Merely holding green jade, makes it possible for you to absorb its marvellous energies. Place in your pocket so you can keep touching it all day.

AVENTURINE - Among the best crystals for fertility and pregnancy is green aventurine, which has energetic properties that along with elements of prosperity, luck and success, foster trust and harmony. It can also help you work through lingering emotional issues that could trigger a block of energy. In your meditation practice, you can take a piece of green aventurine with you to intensify your intention.

LEPIDOLITE (OPTIONAL) - Also known as the stone of peace and transformation, is a unique crystal that can improve your psychological well-being. It has a nursing strength, that in conjunction with its lithium content, helps alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression, which can sometimes arise while trying to conceive. Lepidolite, being the stone of peace, has the capability to help you easily reach goals with relatively little effort. It ensures that your anxieties will not be triggered off and you will be more relaxed mentally. Therefore, when you are trying to get pregnant and seeking a crystal that provides a calming effect, lepidolite is a great choice. To regain inner peace and know the reason for an occurrence, wear lepidolite in a piece of jewellery.

RHODONITE (OPTIONAL) - During the difficult time of pregnancy, rhodonite helps restore the balance of emotions and keeps you centred. It is a beautiful heart-centred crystal that is full of love, harmony and healing energy. It is also believed to enhance fertility and readies the uterus for childbirth. Rhodonite is one of the best crystals for fertility that is also a chi replenisher and confidence booster.

UNAKITE - A stunning combination of green and pink that activates, purifies and enhances the sacral, root and heart chakra. It helps negative energy to be balanced and encourages a positive psyche, which are both essential to improving fertility. In addition, unakite helps you recall and understand how blockages in your field of energy could be triggered by past experiences. Such blockages can lead to a number of spiritual problems, including fertility. Many people also believe that unakite helps to maintain both the mother and the child's health throughout pregnancy. To enhance its unique effect of vibration and create a sense of well-being, you can make your own unakite elixir by putting it in a tiny glass bowl inside a water container.

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A gemstone is a valuable mineral or crystal that has been cut and polished.


PLEASE NOTE; Some crystals are used for illustration purposes only.
10-25g approx
These stones have been processed by hand &/or machine.
25g-70g approx
These stones are pretty much as they have been found in the earth. The difference in energies between both stones is altered due to handling, whether it be by machine, or from being naturally sourced.

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'It is very important to note that before using, touching or interacting with any crystals or crystal remedies, you should always consult your doctor. Crystal therapy is not a replacement for medical advice, practices or prescriptions. Crystals work in tandem with physical care.'

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