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~ white sage
has many beneficial properties for the body and mind.

- antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities that keep bacteria, viruses and infectious fungi at bay.
- when burned, it releases negative ions and helps neutralise positive ions, i.e. allergens such as pet dander, pollution, dust and mould.
this characteristic is said to improve the quality of the air and consequently, to soften afflictions like asthma or allergies. don’t forget to ventilate the room before entering in order not to inhale smoke.
- for healers, burning sage has been used to resolve spiritual issues, to cleanse the aura or to release negative energy. certain types of white sage contain thujone, a psychoactive component found in many plants that helps improve your mood and state of mind.
- studies claim that thanks to its cleansing properties, in the reduction of stress and the resolution of spiritual dilemmas, it can help improve the quality of sleep by reducing insomnia; since such concerns often affect us when it comes to sleep.

a white sage smudging ritual is simple and can be easily performed if you have the necessary tools and knowledge.

- materials you need
white sage stick.
abalone shell or heat-resistant bowl to hold the bunch of sage during the burning process and house the ashes it gives off.
a lighter or matches, the latter being the preferred way to perform the ritual.

- steps to follow
free yourself from any worry before starting the ritual. your mind has to be clear and relaxed so that problems do not interfere with the ceremony.
express the purpose for which you wish to use it. you can think of one of the many properties of the white sage: to cleanse the aura; to protect yourself from bad influences; to release negativity; to purify your home.
hold the dry white sage smudging bundle and light it from one side.
let it burn a little and then gently blow it out until only the embers and smoke remain.
when the row of smoke emanating from the sage is abundant, you can leave it in the bowl and go around the room to purify the air or you can use it on your own body. If you choose this option, move it from head to toe and come back again.

what should you do after burning the sage?
make sure that the sage bundle is completely extinguished and that no twigs are left to burn. you can then store it in a safe, dry place.

the ritual of burning sage is safe, but remember to be careful when the bundle is lit and open a window when the smoke is abundant, as inhaling it can be harmful to your health.