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- the ultimate crystal beginner gift set.

we've taken the absolute must-have, along with some of the most popular crystals & combined them into an amazing starter set. this amazing pack will help introduce you to crystal healing and everything you need to know to get you started on your healing journey.

what's included?
- the 'crystals for beginners' set
rose quartz for unconditional love
clear quartz for energy
black tourmaline for grounding & protection
fluorite for focus
sodalite for intellectual stimulation
carnelian for stability & strength
gold tigers eye for self-confidence
red jasper for grounding energy
citrine for happiness & abundance
amethyst for calming the mind
hematite for harmony
aventurine for personal growth

- selenite & palo santo smudge kit for daily energy cleansing
- white sage stick to cleanse your space & your crystals (approx 7cm)
- selenite bowl (optional) for cleansing your crystals
- white sage incense sticks for cleansing and inner peace
- palo santo incense sticks for cleansing and supporting initiative
- chakra incense holder (optional) the home of your incense sticks when lit
- luxury gift box & wrapping
completely present ready. optional gift message available at checkout.

- the 'crystals for beginners' set
rose quartzthe stone of unconditional love, kindness & compassion. it can also help with forgiveness & self-healing, especially when you're trying to heal love-based emotional upsets such as the break-up of a relationship, betrayal or the loss of a loved one. this is a calm + peaceful stone.
clear quartz - is hands down, the most versatile crystal in any collection. it's a self cleansing crystal & you can use it cleanse other crystals if you have a large cluster of it. clear quartz amplifies the power of any crystal it works with.
black tourmaline - has been used to ward off 'demons'. along with absorbing negativity & providing protection, black tourmaline also helps keep you grounded, promotes self-confidence & can help purify environments where a lot of emotional negativity has occurred.
fluorite - carries a calming + stabilising energy that promotes mental clarity & focus. regarded as a stone of success & achievement, fluorite encourages deep concentration, allowing the absorption of new information + the flow of creative ideas. it also removes chaotic energies from the environment.
sodalite -  is a wonderful stone for the mind. it assists in strengthening the intellect, eliminating confusion & balancing emotions. it carries a calm & stable energy that increases consciousness & deepens meditation. it is also effective for enhancing inspiration & creativity.
carnelian - is associated with boldness & courage. using this crystal can help strengthen weaknesses (physical & emotional), improve luck & attract prosperity. as a stone of the sacral chakra, carnelian can also help strengthen your sense of self as well as temper excessive ego.
gold tigers eyebelieved to carry the energies of the earth & the sun, tigers eye is a powerful stone. it is grounding & protecting & encourages self-confidence, courage & willpower. tigers eye is a strong amplifier of energy, increasing vitality & motivation. 
red jasperwith a grounding & peaceful energy, jasper is a very nurturing stone. harnessing balance & unity, it can be effective in reducing stress & anxiety. considered a stone of vitality, jasper also increases energy & encourages willpower & self-confidence.
citrine - is both a beautiful + powerful stone. it energises every level of life. it cleanses the chakras & opens the intuition. it attracts wealth, prosperity & success.  it also raises self-esteem & self-confidence, stimulates the brain, strengthening the intellect. citrine promotes motivation, activates creativity & encourages self-expression, enhances concentration and revitalises the mind. it also releases negative traits, depression, fears and phobias & is emotionally balancing.
amethyst - traditionally used as a stone to prevent drunkenness. it also brings safety to travellers & is related to the third eye, which is the seat of intuition. it is also known for calming the mind & has been used for centuries to provide relief from mental-health conditions, such as anxiety + depression.
hematite - a stone that absorbs energies, so makes it perfect for when there's a lot of negative energy around. it is also grounding & calming, so it's great stone for when you are stressed out. this crystal also enhances willpower & courage, especially for those who lack confidence in themselves.
aventurine - a stone of health, wellbeing & happiness. it encourages personal growth & facilitates the release of unhealthy attachments or relationships. aventurine also reduces feelings of stress & anxiety, while bringing a deep sense of comfort & inner peace. 

- selenite & palo santo smudge kit
our smudge kit includes two palo santo sticks & a raw selenite stick.
this kit has everything you need to clear the energy of your space, and bring spiritual alignment and clarity.
- selenite
spiritual aligning & connecting to higher self
place in your home to bring light and clarity, or use in meditation on your chest or third eye to align your chakras and balance energy.
- palo santo
purifying, uplifting, holy wood
hold the palo santo over a flame for 30 seconds before blowing it out and walking around your home to clear energy blockages and promote feelings of calm and well being.

- white sage stick
for healers, burning sage has been used to resolve spiritual issues, to cleanse the aura or to release negative energy. certain types of white sage contain thujone, a psychoactive component found in many plants that helps improve your mood and state of mind.
studies claim that thanks to its cleansing properties, in the reduction of stress and the resolution of spiritual dilemmas, it can help improve the quality of sleep by reducing insomnia; since such concerns often affect us when it comes to sleep.

- selenite bowl (optional)
this beautiful selenite bowl, will cleanse your crystals from any negative energies they may have absorbed. simply place your crystals in the bowl + allow to sit for 4 or more hours.
carrying a calming + purifying energy, selenite cleanses the mind of any negativity + brings a deep sense of inner peace. it is known as a powerful stone of luck + protection, absorbing any negative energy while emanating light + peaceful vibrations.

- white sage & palo santo incense sticks
used for cleansing negative energies & cleansing the mind, body & spirit.
made using the highest quality ingredients, with each stick hand-rolled in India using artisanal methods that have been passed down from generation to generation.

- chakra incense holder (optional)
aid meditation or relaxation with the 7 chakras, metal incense holder. each of the body's energy points is shown and encouraged to be receptive to free-flowing, physical and mental harmony.


'it is very important to note that before using, touching or interacting with any crystals or crystal remedies, you should always consult your doctor. crystal therapy is not a replacement for medical advice, practices or prescriptions. crystals work in tandem with physical care.'

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Beautiful gift set

Brilliant service and communication couldn’t fault it thank you so much it was a birthday present and she loves it will be ordering again. Thank you

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