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taurus baby, we have put together a collection of healing crystals based on your star sign.

taureans are represented by the bull, because they are strong, powerful + are unlikely to react unless provoked. if you are a taurus, you will have strong determination + perseverance. 

clear quartz - harmonises the chakras, bringing about a great level of balance + can be used to amplify energy.

rose quartz - provides unconditional love. it opens the heart chakra + allows love to flood in. its reassuring energy is great in a crisis + will bring about a deep inner healing.

rhodonite - nurtures love + balances emotions. it provides excellent grounding + clears away any old emotional wounds.

carnelian - helps you acknowledge the things that make you tick + encourages steadfastness, so no more steaming in head first. 

lapis lazuli - helps with releasing any repressed anger, encouraging self-awareness + allows self-expression, so you are able to speak out + deal with situations before they flare.