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'I deserve to be well, so I exercise care in supporting my own well-being.'

many people sabotage themselves without even realising they are doing so. others do it deliberately. either way, self-harm and self-sabotage can manifest in a multitude of ways, such as in thrill-seeking or dangerous behaviour, drug or alcohol addictions, eating disorders, or cutting addiction. if you are self harming, it is important that you seek professional help, because your life may depend on it.

black tourmaline - a root chakra stone, that works like a sponge, absorbing any negative thoughts or energy. it can work to block others negative energy, and it can also absorb any of your own negativity. wear black tourmaline around your neck as a pendant, making sure you cleanse and recharge it daily. you could also keep a piece of black tourmaline on your bedside table.

obsidian - another stone that can help remove negative thoughts. when you feel yourself spiralling into a negative thought pattern, hold the obsidian in your receiving hand, and repeat the mantra or your affirmations 10 times.

TIP; depression often sits at the root of urges towards self-harm or self-sabotage. use the remedies, mantra, and meditation for depression, found in our 'depression' set, in conjunction with these remedies.

MEDITATION; positive affirmation may be one of the most effective types of medication for moving beyond a self-sabotaging mindset. you can use the mantra, but we also recommended making a list of your own personal affirmations. they should be positive thoughts about yourself, such as, "I am happy and at peace", "I am successful in all of my endeavours", and "I look forward to good things happening in my life, today and every day". recite each of your affirmations three times daily in the mirror, meeting your own eyes as you do so.

'it is very important to note that before using, touching or interacting with any crystals or crystal remedies, you should always consult your doctor. crystal therapy is not a replacement for medical advice, practices or prescriptions. crystals work in tandem with physical care.'