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scorpios are known to be resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn + for people associated with them, they are a true + trusted friend, however they can be suspicious + wary of others.

clear quartz - harmonises the chakras, heals + also amplifies energy so you will have the best health + energy to ensure your resourcefulness is maximised to its full potential.

black obsidian - perfect for grounding + as scorpio's are known for their emotions, can be a great way of releasing negative + excess energy.

smoky quartz - helps you release any feelings of stubbornness or secretively allowing your expressions to come through. 

labradorite - strengthens your intuition + can help protect your aura, perfect for those situations where you are feeling wary + need to trust your instincts.

'it is very important to note that before using, touching or interacting with any crystals or crystal remedies, you should always consult your doctor. crystal therapy is not a replacement for medical advice, practices or prescriptions. crystals work in tandem with physical care.'