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Pregnancy is a wild ride, from maiden to motherhood, with beautiful growth, emotional roller coasters, psychic powers & love! And yes, there will be sleepless nights, heightened intuition & unexpected belly rubs from strangers! Don't worry, there are crystals to help at every stage of your pregnancy journey.

ROSE QUARTZ - A sensitive fixer, this pretty stone buzzes with the vibes of your baby belly. Pure affection radiates from within, tightening your connection with your little one like never before. Throughout pregnancy, this gem works wonders in nurturing both you and your bundle of joy. Postpartum, it's ideal for aiding new mummy's in recovery & relaxation.

MUMMY MUST-HAVES: ANGELITE (OPTIONAL) - Perfect for mamas in touch with their spiritual side. This crystal can help connect you with your energy, guardian angels, and ancestors for valuable guidance on your journey into motherhood.

UNAKITE - A great stone to have for giving birth! It'll keep you cool & collected while you focus on your little one. We suggest your partner keep it in their pocket for extra support during the final moments of your journey. Plus, it's fantastic for promoting the stretchiness of your skin!

RUBY (OPTIONAL) - This crystal is perfect for all pregnancy stages. It teams up with your root chakra to amp up your little one's vitality while they're growing. After giving birth, ruby speeds up the healing process.

MOONSTONE - Pregnancy is a naturally feminine journey that aligns with the moon's energy, just like moonstone. This crystal will channel the vibes of the nurturing goddess within you. It also makes a wonderful cure for pregnancy insomnia.

BLOODSTONE - Make 50% more blood while pregnant? Carry bloodstone to boost new and healthy blood creation in your bod.

HEMATITE - Works wonders for blood flow & muscle relaxation. Got cramps? Try holding a piece of hematite to ease those pains.

AVENTURINE - Unlock and fortify your heart chakra to foster the connection between you, your little one, and your brand new clan. We all feel drained and cranky at times, but this lovely gemstone leads us with love as our guide.

AMETHYST - Let amethyst be your guide for a peaceful pregnancy sleep. Say goodbye to harmful vibes and migraines, and give you and your baby the protection you deserve. Thank you, amethyst!

TOURMALINE - Feeling drained? Baby brain got you feeling forgetful? Need some positive vibes to get you through? Get rid of that negative energy and boost your mental clarity with black tourmaline. Perfect for on-the-go mums with its convenient size, just pop it in your changing bag and feel the healing energy. Plus, it's a safer alternative to sage smoke around your little one!

CARNELIAN - This gem boosts, reinforces & fixes any organs linked to your sacral chakra; aka your baby-making parts are looked after when you rock some carnelian.

KUNZITE (ADDITIONAL) - Emits pure love vibes, bringing peace and harmony. Great for new mums or pregnancy, promoting unapologetic affection and bliss. With lithium, it boosts good vibes and nixes bad vibes, achieving emotional equilibrium. Place kunzite in your little one's room or yours for a tranquil and rejuvenating atmosphere. This gem also helps restless children sleep.


A gemstone is a valuable mineral or crystal that has been cut and polished.


PLEASE NOTE; Some crystals pictured are just for illustrative purposes.
STYLE & SIZE (approx)
These rocks have been treated by hand and/or machine.
RAW 25g-70g
These stones are exactly as discovered in nature. The energies of both stones can shift from people handling them, either through machine or natural sourcing.

Care Instructions

'Note: Before allowing crystals to work their magic, always get the go-ahead from your physician. Crystal therapy shouldn't take the place of professional medical advice, care, or prescriptions. The healing stones work best when complementing regular physical care.'

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