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This divine duo of stones & crystals combine to form a potent fertility-booster, ensuring that body, mind, and spirit are in total harmony and perfectly primed for conception!

Crystals are a natural wonder that bring subtle vibrations of energy to your system, leaving you replenished, rested, and potentially, more fertile. Stocked with a unique frequency depending on their makeup of elements, these beauties vibrate and radiate healing energy, which is absorbed by the body. By simply holding them close, crystals are said to alter the electromagnetic field, shifting negative vibes out and ushering in positive ones. That balance is what facilitates the healing process, helping keep your body and soul in harmony.

CARNELIAN - Carnelian is fab for fertility, being known as the stone of creativity, inspiration, endurance, leadership and bravery. It's one of the most popular fertility crystals for promoting fertility and energy, plus it encourages a sensual attitude. Its energy is linked to the sacral chakra - the power centre of the reproductive organs - and helps to dissolve energy blocks. It'll also stimulate the uterus, ovaries, vagina, fallopian tubes, cervix, testicles, prostate and kundalini energy at the base of your spine. So, when you're trying to conceive, this amazing crystal can increase your confidence, boost the libido and foster the sort of spontaneous bedroom action that could result in a baby! Tote that carnelian 'round, but for the full power, hold it tight to your sacral and baby-makin' zones.

MOONSTONE - If you're looking to start a family, moonstone could be the one for you! It's known as the stone of new beginnings, and as the woman's healing stone, it's primed to bring emotional stability and gentleness. Plus, it helps balance hormones and cycles, bringing fertility within reach—all you need to do is set your goal while holding moonstone during a full moon! Wear it as a necklace, or tuck it in your pillow and let it do its magic.

CHRYSOPRASE - Balancing yin-yang energy is crucial when you're wanting to conceive, and chrysoprase is here to help you out! This crystal will zing up your sex life and enhance fertility. Perfect for those feeling a bit down in the dumps or too caught up in their own headspace, it fires up your sacred chakras and gets the heart pumping. Chrysoprase will give you emotional strength and serenity if you need an extra boost of positivity or are beating yourself up with guilt. So, to ignite your love life, tote a carnelian and a piece of chrysoprase in your pocket!

ROSE QUARTZ - Known as the "lovestone," rose quartz is a fertility must-have. This gem is key to unlocking your heart core, giving you the self-love and value you need for successful conception. It helps you overcome guilt or frustration, and encourages physical and emotional intimacy, so you can indulge in the ultimate self-care. Place your rose quartz beside your bed and enjoy its potency all night long.

JADE - Carry a little luck and protection in your pocket! Green jade is believed to rally against the stress and craziness of conception, helping restore harmony through releasing pent-up feelings that can block energy. It's also said to be good for encouraging blood flow and oxygen to the organs, making for a healthier, more confident you. Just holding it is enough to absorb the marvellous energies within — so keep it close and feel the love!

AVENTURINE - Green aventurine is truly one of the greatest crystals for conception and motherhood. Packed with elements of prosperity, luck, success, trust, and harmony, this gem encourages a smooth energy flow, gets rid of pesky emotional baggage, and helps set your intentions into focus. Toss a piece into your meditation practice for some extra oomph!

LEPIDOLITE (OPTIONAL) - Also known as the stone of peace and transformation, lepidolite is a special crystal that can do wonders for your mental health. Boasting a soothing power and a concentration of lithium, it can help soothe those anxious thoughts that often come with trying to conceive. Lepidolite, being a powerful stone of peace, can make it easier to reach your goals, and reduce stress. So if you're trying to get pregnant and looking for a crystal that will put you at ease, this is the one! To regain inner peace and find meaning in what's happening, adorn a piece of jewellery with lepidolite.

RHODONITE (OPTIONAL) - Rhodonite's time-tested, loving vibes keep you centered and emotionally balanced during pregnancy. As a beautiful, heart-filled crystal, it's packed with healing energy and harmony. It's also said to increase fertility, and is said to prepare the uterus for labor. Rhodonite could be the ideal fertility crystal, plus it's a confidence booster and chi replenisher.

UNAKITE - A captivating blend of pink and green that energises, detoxifies and fortifies the sacral, root and heart chakra. It reduces poisonous vibes and revs up a positive mindset – two things vital to a fruitful fertility. Unakite also assists you in remembering and comprehending how inner blockages can be stirred up by former happenings. Such barriers can cause a host of spiritual issues, fertility included. Folks also think unakite supports the health of both mom and her baby throughout their pregnancy. To up the unique power of its vibrations and conjure a feeling of contentment, consider crafting your own unakite elixir by dropping it in a small glass cup immersed in a vessel of water.


A gemstone is a valuable mineral or crystal that has been cut and polished.


PLEASE NOTE; Some crystals pictured are just for illustrative purposes.
STYLE & SIZE (approx)
These rocks have been treated by hand and/or machine.
RAW 25g-70g
These stones are exactly as discovered in nature. The energies of both stones can shift from people handling them, either through machine or natural sourcing.

Care Instructions

'Note: Before allowing crystals to work their magic, always get the go-ahead from your physician. Crystal therapy shouldn't take the place of professional medical advice, care, or prescriptions. The healing stones work best when complementing regular physical care.'

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