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- my first crystals; the ultimate crystal set for children.

for young children, supervision is required at all times.

although we have a variety of crystals, not all crystals are suited for little souls. we now have a collection, of gentle crystals specifically designed for the use of children.

we've taken the absolute must-have, along with some of the most popular crystals & combined them into an amazing childrens set. this amazing pack will help introduce your child to crystal healing and everything you need to know to help get them started on their healing journey.

what's included?
- the 'my first crystals' set
rose quartz for unconditional love
clear quartz for energy
black tourmaline for grounding & protection
sodalite (optional) for intellectual stimulation
carnelian (optional) for stability & strength
gold tigers eye for self-confidence
citrine for happiness & abundance
amethyst for calming the mind
aventurine for personal growth
moonstone for peace & healing
aquamarine (optional) for soothing

- the 'crystals for beginners' set
rose quartz - a beautiful pink crystal with a very gentle & loving energy. this gentle energy helps kids learn unconditional love, forgiveness, & compassion. it creates harmony in relationships & helps children to express their emotions. rose quartz brings a deep inner healing, enhancing self-love, self trust, self-worth & self-confidence.

clear quartz - the most common crystal & is therefore a good choice as a first crystal for kids. clear quartz provides clarity in thinking & awareness. clear quartz awakens the mind & body, amplifying & transmitting energy. it connects to the higher self & removes negativity.

black tourmaline - this all-black looking quartz for children is best for protecting them from negative energies & self-doubt. balancing courage & the power to strip the evil off are the chief features of black tourmaline. tourmalines are the best crystals for child protection. this stone helps your children to feel safe & reduces the fear to combat any negative energy. this, in the end, makes them more confident than any child around.
'give tourmaline to your children when they go to school. not only it will give them protection, but it will also make them confident.' 

sodalite (optional) - this deep blue stone is a great calmer & can help children think more clearly. it is a useful stone for any student, & taking this to school or placing it where your children do their homework will help them to focus.

carnelian (optional) - carnelian is from the family of agates & it ranges in colour from orange to deep dark red. carnelian allows children to enhance their concentration & self belief. it's warm & joyous energy attunes with the inner self helping to open the heart. it is excellent for stimulating creativity. carnelian helps anchor you in the present reality, aiding concentration & allowing you to trust yourself & your perceptions.

gold tigers eye - a brilliantly shiny crystal of brown & yellow, just like a tiger's eye & kids love this. it can help kids with confidence, strength, courage, protection & good luck. it sharpens their senses, promotes intuition & helps them to be practical, centred & grounded. it enhances clarity, good judgement, clear perception & insight, aiding in good decision-making.

citrine - if you find your child gloomy & melancholy when they used to be joyful & merry, then we recommend citrine. it will bring back all their creativity & freedom of mind they once had. it will make them forget all the sadness & bring them into being more confident & cheerful.
'have this stone placed where your child sleeps. it will work its magic in their sleep.'

amethyst - a very popular crystal for children because of its purple colour. it has a calming & peaceful energy, which is ideally suited for kids. amethyst is known as the stone of spirituality & contentment; it bestows stability, strength & inner peace. it provides clarity & enhances intuition & understanding. amethyst assists in calming the mind, reducing stress & allows restful sleep.
'a suitable crystal to place in a pouch under your child's pillows at night.'

aventurine - helps children promote a positive, easy going attitude towards life. it brings joy, happiness & emotional tranquillity & promotes health & well-being. aventurine promotes compassion & empathy, calming our anger. it stimulates our mind, creativity, motivation & independence. it also protects us against electromagnetic energy & environmental pollution.

moonstonemoonstone is perfect for children who are dealing with emotional issues or are hyperactive.
'your child can simply hold the crystal or rub it on their forehead - you will find that they will instinctively use the crystal where they need it.'

aquamarine (optional)aquamarine can help your child make it through the tough mental barriers since it acts as therapy to the people dealing with emotional sickness. it has an amazing energy to help children retain information & help them ace their tests.
'have your child take this stone to the exams for good luck & to help retain what's been prepared.'

'it is very important to note that before using, touching or interacting with any crystals or crystal remedies, you should always consult your doctor. crystal therapy is not a replacement for medical advice, practices or prescriptions. crystals work in tandem with physical care.'