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'i relax my mind, body + spirit + find my centre.'

centring is a process of calming your mind, body + spirit, + moving into your peaceful centre. when you are centred, you are in a calm + relaxed state, but you are also alert. from this state, it is easier to understand the flow of energy + information around you, + easier to tune into your creativity, feelings + intuition, as well as receive information from the Divine. 

blue lace agate - a calming stone that can also help you centre yourself. hold the stone in one hand, + with your eyes closed, breathe deeply allowing calm to wash over you. you can remain in any position, even standing, to centre yourself this way. if you tend to be off centre a lot, it may be helpful to carry a piece of blue lace agate with you, to hold whenever you need to find your centre.

clear quartz - centre yourself at the start of the day with a brief clear quartz meditation. sit comfortably, holding a piece of clear quartz in your receiving (nondominant) hand. close your eyes + take 10 deep, full breaths, focusing your attention on your core + feeling the energy from the clear quartz flowing toward your centre.

TIP; typically, grounding + centring are activates you perform together. always ground yourself before centring.