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Autism is a disability with implications for the central nervous system, impacting social & sensory processes. With millions living with it & more children diagnosed daily, chances are you know someone with autism. Commonly, kids with autism have communication troubles, display repetitive behavior, and struggle to develop relationships. Above all, they see the world in a wonderfully unique way.


The application of crystals & gemstones for autism healing has yielded positive outcomes, given that certain minerals can transmit essential data.

CLEAR QUARTZ - A manifester's delight! This crystal is key when it comes to intent-setting & sparking clarity. Clear quartz aids thought focus and strengthens the purpose in your head and heart. Plus, it juices up any healing energies you've got goin'! Its energies enhance all levels, from head to toe. And when it comes to meditating or manifesting, Clear Quartz is a must-have. Keep it close to dissolve negativity and purify your spiritual, mental & physical states. It's a stunning protector and master healer, able to support all conditions. Plus, it's said to amp up immunity and circulation- promoting balance and energy flow in the body. See? No wonder they call it "The Amplifying Stone!"

APATITE - Disperse those pesky negative emotions like anger, frustration, and irritability! This crystal can stimulate your consciousness, inner spirit, and creativity - PLUS, it helps to bring out an extroverted attitude and feeling of social ease. Blue apatite particularly encourages a willingness to connect with others in children with autism. Wear around your neck or keep a piece conveniently tucked close to your heart - it's a stone of acceptance, after all!

BLUE LACE AGATE - The talkative rock. Blue lace agate will open the door to communication. A peaceful, reassuring stone, it brings tranquillity and mental ease. It's loaded with metaphysical energy, making it great for expressing feelings and thoughts to peers, pals, and partners. Also, this gem stifles anger, stills emotions & eases tensions. Moreover, it helps autistic kids communicate, while introducing a spirit of optimism to any space it sits in. Plus, it encourages acceptance.

CHAROITE - A stone of transmutation, this crystal is said to awaken hidden powers in people and purport to reduce unease & anxiety. It's found to be especially handy for those facing obsessions and compulsions, as well as for autistic kids, by anchoring them in their day-to-day and warding off feelings of isolation and irritation. Plus, Charoite helps us love and accept others just as they are.

SODALITE - A calming companion for those struggling to communicate. Said to boost self-trust, self-worth, and self-love in individuals living with autism. This special stone supports the journey from disconnect to connection, so that you can live life with more awareness and self-love.

ANGELITE - The calming crystal. Befriend Angelite and unlock a world of peace and serenity. This crystalline pal will help you reconnect with your spiritual side, initiating the rebirthing process and facilitating healing. Its gorgeous light blue hues help people with autism express themselves better, dispelling worries, anxieties, & tempers! Plus, it jumpstarts self-expression to help you start afresh on your journey.


A gemstone is a valuable mineral or crystal that has been cut and polished.


PLEASE NOTE; Some crystals pictured are just for illustrative purposes.
STYLE & SIZE (approx)
These rocks have been treated by hand and/or machine.
RAW 25g-70g
These stones are exactly as discovered in nature. The energies of both stones can shift from people handling them, either through machine or natural sourcing.

Care Instructions

'Note: Before allowing crystals to work their magic, always get the go-ahead from your physician. Crystal therapy shouldn't take the place of professional medical advice, care, or prescriptions. The healing stones work best when complementing regular physical care.'

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