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~ the ultimate energy cleansing kit.

our smudge kit includes two palo santo sticks & a raw selenite stick.

Great for gift giving, this kit has everything you need to clear the energy of your space, and bring spiritual alignment and clarity.

please unwrap bundle before use.

- selenite
spiritual aligning & connecting to higher self
place in your home to bring light and clarity, or use in meditation on your chest or third eye to align your chakras and balance energy.

- palo santo
purifying, uplifting, holy wood
hold the palo santo over a flame for 30 seconds before blowing it out and walking around your home to clear energy blockages and promote feelings of calm and well being.

the ritual of burning palo santo is safe, but remember to be careful when the bundle is lit and open a window when the smoke is abundant, as inhaling it can be harmful to your health.