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- the crystal roller
available in four different crystals;
black obsidian
a protective stone that shields + protects against negative energy + outside negative energy
to produce negative ions, which encourage cell metabolism. it also can help counteract electromagnetic radiation put out by devices such as computers, cell phones, + microwaves - making it a needed amulet in today's world.
rose quartz
commonly known for their powerful vibrations to heal the heart from sentiments of lost love, anger, resentment + jealousy. rose quartz is believed to also lower stress, raise self-esteem, restore confidence + balance emotions. the rose quartz crystal is packed with minerals (including magnesium, iron, + oxygen) that help reduce inflammation + support renewal of skin cells
clear quartz
symbolises patience, purity + harmony. this gemstone is known as the “master healer” + "the supreme gift from mother earth”. it absorbs + releases negative energy + is connected to every chakra, especially the crown chakra, bringing clarity + focus of the mind.

this beautiful crystal piece also compliments the skin and can help with a variety of different benefits, such as:

- helps keep skin looking youthful by preventing fine lines + wrinkles

- strengthens elasticity + tightens the skin

- improves the appearance of inflamed + irritated skin

- incredibly soothing + cooling to the skin

- reduces bags + dark circles

- instantly gives skin a healthy glow

- enhances absorption of skincare products

- helps prevent breakouts

'it is very important to note that before using, touching, interacting or ingesting any crystals or crystal remedies, you should always consult your doctor. crystal therapy is not a replacement for medical advice, practices or prescriptions. crystals work in tandem with physical care.’