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All of our candles are;
- vegan
- cruelty-free
- free from toxins, parabens & synthetic additives

- 444 love energy.
w/ rose quartz for unconditional love.
fragrance; rose quartz.
‘your spirit guides are recognising and applauding your progress with love & encouragement.’

the universe has got your back & this is a reminder that you are being taken care of, always.

rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, kindness & compassion. it can also help with forgiveness & self-healing, especially when you're trying to heal love-based emotional upsets such as the break-up of a relationship, betrayal or the loss of a loved one. this is a calm & peaceful stone.

remove your crystal before lighting.
once removed, clean under hot running water to remove wax & pat/air dry.
set your affirmations & take a moment for yourself with your crystal.
light your candle & place your crystal close by.
sit back, relax, inhale & enjoy.

you may place your crystal back on your candle to set into place, when no longer lit. please allow for the candle to nearly set before replacing the crystal.

the vessel
sleek, timeless tall glass vessel 

the size
400g - H 11.5cm, D 8cm

the wick
all fibre cotton wick
our 100% fibre composition wick provides a beautiful, subtle burn.

the fragrance
rose quartz