The bedroom should be your own private sanctuary for rest and relaxation. Crystals can be very helpful to encourage a deep sleep, particularly those with a calming vibration. A couple of well-placed crystals in this room will be more effective than having too many, as this may cause conflicting energies. When used in this way, crystals are highly effective in promoting peace and tranquillity, while creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Keep the bedroom free of distracting electronics to promote a more restful sleep and to allow your mind and body to relax before sleeping. 

Or why not surround your senses with the therapeutic aromas of our relax candle. created from a pure essential oil blend, to help you unwind, and relax into your most restorative sleep. Our natural wax, luxury candle has the equivalent of four 10ml bottles of pure essential oils to fill your space with over 60+ hours of soothing scent.